About Stewart


img_5754Stewart is Purdue’s Christian Cooperative house for women. The atmosphere is conducive to Christian living, scholastic achievement and leadership skills.

Each of the members spend a few hours per week on a meal and house duties. House members pay an average of $445 per month for house bills. Quiet hours are observed to foster academic excellence.

Through hard work and dedication, the women of Stewart are able to attain excellence in the cooperative living system. Stewart often has the highest GPA in the cooperative system and has even had the highest house GPA on campus.

In the past Stewart Cooperative has been fortunate enough to win the Administrative Excellence Award for outstanding leadership, the Cooperative of the Year award, the outstanding cooperative Service Project of the year, and Outstanding New Member Renovation Project. Additionally, Stewart has earned many great honors in the race for the all-cooperative intramural championship.img_6164-1

In addition to intramural sports, Stewart women enjoy formals, the fall barn dance, the annual “Smoothie Social,” spontaneous parties, philanthropies, and many other fun activities. Stewart also has a weekly Bible study and daily devotions and prayer.

The women of Stewart come from a variety of different backgrounds and have diverse personalities, yet each member forms one body in Christ. This bond creates friendships that will last beyond a lifetime.img_5835-1

The History of Stewart


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