What is Recruitment?
Recruitment is the selection process one must go through in order to be a member of a cooperative house.

Where do I go the day of Recruitment?
Students will meet on campus the morning of recruitment. On-site registration will begin for those who have not pre-registered. It is strongly recommended to pre-register to avoid long lines at registration. Parents are welcome to attend Recruitment with their student or be placed in a separate group if so desired. Tours of the houses will begin after registration is completed and potential new members (PNMs) are expected to tour all houses that day, spending approximately an hour at each house. At the end of the day members of the houses will take the students their starting location or to their residence hall. To request registration materials (i.e., Recruitment Booklets): Contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (765) 494-1231 or email:

What does Recruitment Involve?
Women will tour the houses and meet the active members of each house, spending approximately one hour at each of the 7 houses. Dress for Formal Recruitment will be business wear. Meals will be provided. Under extenuating circumstances, Recruitment arrangements can be made with the Vice President of Recruitment. After Formal Recruitment, the PNM will receive invitations in the mail inviting them back to the women’s houses for Informal Recruitment. Women may only attend Informal Recruitment for the houses that they receive invitations back to. Dress for Informal Recruitment will be business casual. After Informal Recruitment, the student will rank the houses in order of her preference. The houses will contact the PNMs they selected to be members within the week following Informal Recruitment. PNMs will only be contacted by one house. At this time she can accept a bid to live in that cooperative house.

Who is eligible to participate in Recruitment?
Students must be enrolled or considering enrollment for the fall semester at Purdue University. There is 2.25 minimum GPA requirement to participate in Cooperative Recruitment and at least a 2.25 Graduate Index or Semester GPA to be initiated. Most houses have their own minimum GPA requirement, higher than what PCC requires. Students must be able to reach the GPA specified by each individual house and classified as a full time student by Purdue University.

For More Information, see the Purdue Cooperative Website (


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